Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Etsy 2nd Anniversary! Thank you :-)

Today is my 2nd anniversary! Have to write a blog post to thank my fellow Etsy teammates, my friends, my customers and my family! Without your support and love, I wouldn't be able to grow so much!

In retrospect, I've:

1) moved away from the kitchen counter to a hand built bench! Yes, my little bench is now situated at a corner of the study area, next to my computer :-) This little sun-filled corner is my, my, my!

2) learned etching and planning to do more of it!

3) touched the very basics of enameling. My Thompson enamels are calling my name.

4) ordered the Paragon SC2 last week!!!!!!!!!!! I'm still super excited! This is such a huge step I made, meaning I'm more committed to jewelry making! This kiln will be firing and enameling jewelry! It should be here some time next week!

5) started the MetalClayHeads Etsy team! Met tons of great metal clay artists and exchanging life ups and downs with them on a daily basis.

6) started a blog that you're reading now, hehe.

So what's next? There are a few things I'm keen on doing more - enameling, base metal clay, etching. Plus learning some new skills such as injection casting and stone setting. Looking forward to all the new challenges in the coming year!


  1. Happy Anniversary! You have done a great job with the Metal Clay Heads Team, You have created a warm and caring place for everyone to learn, share and blow off steam. Your next blog post should be about your new kiln!!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary- you're going to love that kiln!

  3. Dawn, yes! I cannot wait to get my hands all over my kiln!

  4. You give that kiln a workout! Happy Anniversary,nice blog entry.