Friday, April 6, 2012

Tried something new!

Well, I've been bad and unproductive lately, Santa probably won't bring me any gifts this year if I don't speed things up! So, I tried something new -- tube setting!

I have been working on a pendant design calling for a tube setting faceted gemstone. In order not to ruin the design, I convinced myself to practice first. So here is the outcome:

It's a 4mm Amethyst CZ tube setting ring. Drilling a seat for the stone was challenging but it worked out fine after ONLY three tries :) The main struggle was how to set the stone at the right level. The stone actually tried to escape when I used my bezel roller on it. I also managed to scratch a blue spinel ... LOL! I replaced the stone with a CZ then so it'll hurt less if I fail. Luckily there's a prong pusher at school, so I used it to finish the setting. I'm quite happy with my first try! So if you've a project challenging you to try something new, don't put if off any longer. If I can do it, so can you!

There are also a couple of things on my bench. The garden pendant and the tree branch ring are both created by lost wax casting. More about them later!

Hope everyone has a lovely Easter weekend!

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