Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A beautiful day to meet with an accomplished Metal Clay Artist

Finally we've some gorgeous typical California weather - 80s and bluish sky with some nice breeze.

Last Sunday was one of them and I got to meet Lynn Cobb! Lynn is an accomplished and published Metal Clay Artist in the Bay Area. She is also named a finalist in the prestigious Saul Bell Design Award competition for 2011 in the Metal Clay category! Imagine how exciting it was to meet her in person and the chance to adore her amazing Metal Clay art pieces!

Here is a picture of Lynn and I taken in front of her booth at the Saratoga Rotary Annual Art Show. On the left is the silly me holding a copy of the Metal Clay Jewelry magazine (which Lynn kindly autographed for me) just like a little fan :D

Lynn has the sweetest voice and the friendly smile! She looked so adorable in the Hawaiian shirt. Maybe one day we can clay together!

You can check out Lynn's Metal Clay art pieces here.


  1. Hello fellow MCH's! You are so lucky to meet up, wish I was there. Lynn has an overwhelming inventory of treasures! She is my idol!

  2. How lovely of you two to be able to meet up, that is fab! And neither of you looks how I imagined you! Thank you so much for the picture!!

  3. Awesome picture! I love it! Finally good to see your faces :)